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This series of photos I call Infrared Impressions. So what is infrared photography? To keep it simple, cameras are designed to have an infrared 'blocking filter' that removes the infrared light coming into the camera's sensor. By removing this filter and replacing it with an infrared 'passing filter,' the camera can record light waves outside the color range we normally see.

Infrared images often have a surreal or mystical effect. All of these photos were shot with a camera that was converted to 590nm infrared. Additional editing was done in post-production.

This series was taken during the COVID pandemic. And for some reason, I was drawn to photograph in cemeteries. In retrospect, this was a good idea. I didn't have to worry about the health of the 'models' - and they were all very cooperative!

Looking back on this project, there might have been an unconscious connection between cemeteries and COVID. However, I didn't think about this at that time. I was most interested in showcasing the beautiful and dramatic statues and architecture with the magic of infrared photography.