It Wasn't Supposed to be Like This

May 20, 2020
It's like having a bad dream. But when you wake up, the dream doesn't go away - it's just gets worse. It wasn't supposed to be like this!
They tell us that the virus is not alive. But it seems to me there is an underlying intelligence to it. It moves like a snake and eats like a wild dog. Is this some kind of demonic force from the underworld? Or is it revenge for our destruction of the planet? Where did it come from before the bats got it?
If this were a B-rated sci-fi movie, we'd probably stay at home. But since it's real, we still need to stay home.

The world of photography...

December 14, 2019
The world of photography is currently going through some growing pains. Camera sales are down 25% from a few years ago. Several camera companies have gone out of business while others are struggling (though they won't admit it). What's the cause? Why is this happening?
Enter the smartphone! Why should you buy a point-and-shoot camera when you can use your smartphone? With each new generation, the photo capabilities of these phone cameras just gets better and better. And that's not to mention all the cool apps that are available for photo editing. It's hard to say "no." Unfortunately, point-and-shoot camera sales have been the bread-and-butter for these companies.
As for professional cameras, don't plan on them going away any time soon. These cameras offer more features, better sensors, and perform better in low light situations (to name a few) - and they cost more money. That said, the traditional DSLR market is going through another change of it's own. And that's called mirrorless cameras. Traditional DSLRs use the same basic design as the old 35mm film cameras of yesteryear. While mirrorless technology eliminates the mirror and allows for a host of new features including cheaper manufacturing costs. While not perfect, mirrorless cameras offer many more advantages than DSLRs. And most people agree it's the wave of the future.
It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. But at the end of the day, it's about the photograph and not the camera!

Route 66

September 20, 2019

In the fall of 2018 we embarked on a road trip down historic Route 66. This photo excursion included visits to old ghost towns, Doo-Wop diners, abandoned gas stations and other historic sites. Like no other highway, Route 66 is full of nostalgia - the hope of a better life, and a better world for many people.

No other road has captured the imagination and the essence of the American Dream quite like Route 66. The Mother Road was speckled with romantic and unconventional attractions and symbolized a pathway to better times.

Peruse this new gallery of photos, enjoy the fun, and imagine what life was like in a bygone era!


Travel Photography

June 24, 2019

I never thought of myself as a 'Travel Photographer.' However, I realize that all my travels and vacations are based around photography. This year I went to India and will be having a show of that work in 2020. This summer I'll be traveling to San Fransisco to photograph work for the Care Through Touch agency on a book project. Last year we did a road trip of historic Route 66 and will be having a show of that work. In the past, trips to various National Parks were all photography excursions.

This year I've had several requests from Photo Clubs to do presentations on Travel Photography. It has made me think about photography as a sense of place. And ultimately using photography as a medium to express feelings and emotions for various locations. To relive that moment in time that may only last a second, but lives indefinitely through the photograph. And to realize that time is a relative concept.

So maybe I am a Travel Photographer. I guess we all are - as we travel through life!



When Recognition is Due

January 05, 2019

A gallery owner recently told me a cute story about a mother and her young son who were looking at the juried exhibition on display. After they viewed the show, the mother asked the little boy what his favorite piece of art work was. Without hesitation, he pointed to a black and white photograph of a female nude. Turns out that the photograph was mine - I feel honored!

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