46.poker online(non-registered)
I love your creativity! We had a great experience and she enjoyed being a member of the IN-crowd. What memories we have in these photos!
41.T. V.(non-registered)
Your work is incredible and amazing. It represents a great marriage between the artistic world and the technical one. Bravo.
39.Renee Zernitsky(non-registered)
Your work is exceptional. The creativity, knowledge, accuracy, clarity and attention paid to composition as well as genre's, are stunning. From realistic to impressionistic. - It was a pleasure scrolling through these insightful works of beauty.
38.Sue Greenberg (AKA, Rhinebeck Sue)(non-registered)
Great, impressive body of work, John! Thanks for sharing these with me. I am very drawn to water and landscape and the beauty you captured.
33.Jackie Reynolds(non-registered)
Wow! John these are sensitive and beautiful observations. You have a gifted way to bring the world into focus.
32.Lee Courtney(non-registered)
Absolutely amazing! Love the new additions.
31.Anita Hadley(non-registered)
Thanks for taking the initiative, John, at our UCPC Picnic meeting in August.
Setting up a "portrait studio" and having some of us sit for a pose or two was a great addition to our fun evening in the park.
You're hired!

Your Galleries are all very special as well.
30.Lee Courtney(non-registered)
Beautiful new gallery!!! Everyone looks like they're having a blast.
29.Helen and Bill Relyea(non-registered)
Eclectic. Stunning. Acadia very recognizable. Thanks for the invitation.
28.Marty H(non-registered)
Your images reflect your stated experience-of-photography. "An immersion into the present moment. The past is but a memory and the future has yet to unfold.
I especially liked: 'Peoples portraits' and 'Water'.
Great Website!
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